Tom Udall and Your Civil Rights

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The linked article below describes a very very bad bill that Tom Udall voted for in 2012 and in 2014. The ACLU is a group that gets a lot of bad press but they do follow the Constitution and speak out against particularly bad bills that come out of Congress.

The NDAA of 2014 was a new and unimproved bill that gives the President and the Federal Government and the military to do what they want to you without you having due process, privacy, and/or protection against our growing police state.

Tom Udall has voted for these bills all the way. It is ironic that he talks about being a protector of Civil Liberties, but votes for this bill that is totally totalitarian – and that is the ACLU staff of trained lawyers saying that – not just the Editor of this Website.

Tom Udall says things that protect his image, but his votes do not support his claims.

Big Brother has a friend in our New Mexico Senator. It is funny how the left has turned to be as bad as people think the right is.

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How Could Any Republican Vote For Tom Udall?

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

This is a reposting of an older news feed that is still applicable. Pick any of these postings and you will be linked to material that will make you understand that Tom Udall is very much involved in radical political policies, and is well supported by groups that dislike traditional American ideas about capitalism, free enterprise, the limited role of big government, and the need to pay for things as you go instead of constantly voting to raise the debt limit and crying when someone of the opposing party says it is not healthy to spend until you drop.

How, we ask at our staff meetings, can Independents or Moderates support a politician like Tom Udall who feels most comfortable on the left side of any measuring stick?

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Trip Down Memory Lane with Bill Richardson, Tony Anaya and Tom Udall

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

For long time residents of New Mexico this ribbon cutting ceremony for the Rail Runner is bittersweet. Tony Anaya first proposed the rapid transit system up and down the Rio Grande Valley 30 years ago. Even though this is a rural state and not loaded with money, Tony thought it was a fantastic idea for an impoverished New Mexico. Bill Richardson, caught up in “pay-for-play” politics in New Mexico spent most of his last term as Governor of New Mexico running for President and leaving the state in the incapable hands of Diane Denish. Tom Udall, who took over Bill Richardson’s third district seat in the House of Representatives, is full of smiles as he sees a central planners dream come true. His association with Bill Richardson goes way back and his stepdaughter, Amanda Cooper, managed the campaigns of both Bill Richardson and her Tom Udall in his long days as a well paid political operative.

Since this photo was taken the Rail Runner has found predictably bad times, operating in the red and costing New Mexicans money as riders are mostly tourists. Tony Anaya is busy pursuing progressive think tank ideas and Tom Udall was voted the “most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate”.

It is funny how just when you think things have changed you take a trip down memory lane and discover just how close these three men have been in keeping New Mexico a Third World State and the furthermost State of Northern Mexico.

Progressives have lots of world shattering plans but, somehow, they can’t seem to improve New Mexico’s poverty, lack of desirability for companies who are building companies of the future somewhere else, and dependence on the Federal governments largess for its survival.

It is a cute happy picture but what these three have done to New Mexico, and what they haven’t done, is very very sad.

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Tom Udall: Hypocrisy (Watch the Video)

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

If there is one lesson we have learned in doing this Website, it is that Tom Udall is a hypocrite.

He always says he is doing this, but he is really doing that. He is always hurting the people he says he wants to help, and helping the people he wants to hurt.

It is hard to disbelieve that a sitting U.S. Senator could twist facts so well, point the finger at someone else, and shuffle the pea under the shells of his own shell game.

Tom Udall is not moderate, not bi-partisan, not conservative, not interested.

He goes to work every day in his suit and tie but he campaigns for Congress in Levi’s and a cowboy hat.

Hypocrisy is a good word for Tom Udall. He can’t talk about most issues because he knows that he gets money from progressive sources and New Mexico isn’t a progressive state. New Mexico is a poor state that will remain dependent in the Federal government as long as Tom Udall remains in Washington.

Don’t you want real change – not the Obama kind of change – but real change that will improve our state?

Your Voting, or Not Voting, Will Make a Difference

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The linked article below shows the election prognostications. It indicates that a lot of pollsters feel that the U.S. Senate has a good chance of switching hands, with the Republicans taking the reins and the Democrats having to ride inside the coach. This possible victory by the Republicans does not mean they will have a mandate to make drastic changes. It does mean, however, that all the passed legislation that was passed in the U.S House of Representatives will be able to be brought to the floor for an up or down vote.

Harry Reid, the do nothing Senate Majority leader, will finally be required to sit down and keep his mouth shut and make the Democratic Senators have to vote on bills that might help the economy, turbo charge the energy sector, or correct the excesses of the ObamaCare wrecking ball.

Your vote matters, whether you choose to go to the polls, or stay home.

If you are not happy with the way things are going, not happy with the current POTUS and his administration, you can either stay home and not vote to protest, or vote against Tom Udall to make even a bigger statement.

National media have been fawning over Tom Udall for years, but don’t feel that you are the only one that has questions about his performance. This 3,000 page Website has all the information you need to decide wisely whether Tom Udall represents you or not.

Tom Udall can stand at a debate and say all kinds of things, but he hasn’t backed them up with his votes. He voted to let banks and stock brokerages gamble with your money (Glass-Steagall Act). He supports a Federal Reserve that inflates your money and helps the rich get richer. He pushes to open borders and let more competition enter the U.S. for your jobs (check his position on Work Visas doe foreigners). He has voted for a Farm Act bill that cuts food stamps and gives subsidies to rich farmers (Farm Bill of 2014). He has voted to cut Veteran’s benefits and was no where to be found when the Vet’s needed his help in the VA scandal.

If you have any moderation in your bones, Tom Udall is not a good fit. He is the MOST liberal Senator in Congress and , true to his progressive roots, pals around with Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken.

Vote wisely this election. Think before you make your final decision. Voting the party line is not always a good thing.

The list goes on and on.

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Tom Udall’s Poor Boy Act is Getting Old

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

Trying to control who gives and who gets money in Congress is one of Tom Udall’s biggest goals. In fact, he has been instrumental in pushing to make sure that Senate Democrats get to run the table against opposition through his filibuster reform and campaign finance reform initiatives. We don’t have a problem with gridlock at all because gridlock means that Tom Udall won’t be able to spend all he likes to spend on all kinds of programs that usually revolve around alternative energy, national healthcare, controlling education in your schools.

If you think Tom Udall is a poor politician you need to look at the money he has raised and spent in this election. If you believe in fairness, you have to wonder how incumbents are ever beaten when they are outspent three to four times. That means that Tom Udall has more money to buy ads, send out mailers, hire volunteers to stand on street corners with his signs, and support his campaign.

When will New Mexico decide that enough is enough, that we don’t need a career politician in Washington who caters to the lawyer lobby and votes for legislation that enables them to get rich.

Is it any wonder that Tom Udall votes for immigration change, healthcare, change, energy change, social change? All this change puts Americans in conflict with their government and requires courts and lawyers to fix the resulting issues. Lawyers are most supportive of Tom Udall and it is clear why.

With a friend like Tom in Congress, your life gets very easy if you are a lawyer. You make money regardless of what side of the issue you are on.

Just retire Tom Udall and let him go to work for a law firm or become a lobbyist himself, just like over half of retiring Congressmen and women already do.

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