Does Tom Udall Represent You?

This Website is intended for New Mexico registered voters who plan to vote in the 2014 elections. It is for voters looking for background information on important issues Americans face today. The site is designed to profile New Mexico Senator Tom Udall who always votes more partisan than he campaigns.

Ten secrets Tom Udall doesn’t want you to know …
and the media refuses to publicize!

  • Tom Udall has been voted one of the most liberal Senators in the current Congress.

  • Tom Udall is among the most partisan politicians who votes with his party well over 90% of the time.

  • Tom Udall is a career politician whose votes have decimated the middle class, seniors and the working man.

  • Tom Udall has an ethics complaint against him for using the IRS to persecute non-profit organizations disagreeing with his positions.

  • Tom Udall is among the biggest spenders in Congress.

  • Tom Udall fails to represent New Mexico and continues status quo ideas that keep New Mexico dependent on government, anti-business and poor.

  • Tom Udall doesn’t secure our borders, doesn’t protect our culture, and looks for government benefits, school and jobs for illegal/legal entrants into our country.

  • Tom Udall doesn’t support oil and gas in New Mexico or the taxes they contribute to our state.

  • Tom Udall has stolen more New Mexico land and given it to the Federal Government than any other New Mexico politician.

  • Tom Udall supports un-Constitutional actions of the Executive Branch without protest, taking us to war, letting our ambassadors get killed, trying to control guns, supporting 100% unrestricted abortion, and a banking “cartel” Federal Reserve. He votes for a “too big to fail” banks policy, the second half of TARP and giving Wall Street more freedom to use derivatives.

Do You Believe …

… Washington D.C. has all the answers for you and your family?
… career politicians serve your best interests instead of the interest groups that put them in office?
… Americans need to be taxed, regulated and controlled?
… you need to work to support those who don’t?
… we need the government to have the final say what we eat, where we live, who we talk to and what we say?
… you, your family, your neighbors can’t decide your own affairs at a local level?
… government needs to know your medical issues?
… government spending money they don’t have is no problem?

If you are finding yourself saying “no” to some of these questions, you might study the votes and record of Tom Udall. He votes “yes” on all these questions. Tom Udall is a career politician and Washington insider who will run for office, but can’t run from his official voting record. Make an educated vote, not an emotional vote.

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