10 Solutions to the Jihad We Should Have Been Working on Since 9/11

 Posted:  September 13, 2014

The linked article gives 10 solutions to dealing with Islamic extremism. These suggestions are all practical and able to be implemented. They are:

  1. Tell the Truth about Islamic Jihad and supremacism.

  2. Take pride in our U.S. culture.

  3. Enforce existing laws.

  4. Challenge Muslim organizations.

  5. Call on Muslim groups to denounce anti-U.S. Constitution aspects of Sharia Law.

  6. End U.S. government co-operation with groups linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  7. End immigration from Muslim countries into the U.S. except for non-muslim refugees from persecution.

  8. Re-configure our international alliances.

  9. Reconsider and restructure our foreign aid programs.

  10. Begin a Manhattan-style project to develop U.S. energy resources (all of them) and take away U.S. involvement in the Middle East conflicts due to our need for energy.

We have done some research and found that the U.S. policies in all these areas are lacking. We have found few comments from Tom Udall about his views on dealing with Radical Islamacism. We expect he parrots the Obama technique of talking big, dropping bombs on innocent bystanders, declaring victory, and going off to play another 18 holes.

Tom Udall doesn’t want to raise our awareness of issues. He just wants to lull us to sleep with his good ole boy commercials where he puts on a cowboy hat and acts like us for a commercial.

When was the last time you saw him wearing a cowboy hat in a Washington meeting or wearing turquoise jewelry? Does his office have a Navajo rug?

Tom Udall likes to pretend. That is his main problem.

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