15 Seconds

 Posted:  October 9, 2014

Time goes slow in a campaign and it also goes quick. When you have to pay for ads it gets really dicey.

You have fifteen seconds to get a point across when your well financed, well entrenched incumbent pulls out the attack ads, plays on the fears of Seniors, plays the Social Security card.

We have seen only a few cards Tom Udall has played this campaign. Most of the cards he needs to show the table are well hidden behind slick Madison Avenue ads written by the best Hollywood has to offer. Tom Udall has focus groups to help him determine what the best message is to get himself re-elected. It doesn’t matter if the presentation plays loose with the truth, or doesn’t even resemble the truth.

There are plenty of truths in this Website for those who want to take an hour to figure out who to vote for. You would think that just an hour of research would help you get a better person to represent you. Can you find the time?

Tom Udall definitely doesn’t represent the huge majority of voters in New Mexico who didn’t vote for him the last time. He also doesn’t really represent the hate business, hate Wall Street, hate rich cats, hate oil crowd that keep listening to his ads and speeches.

Tom Udall says a lot of things that are absolutely false, and also votes for a lot of things you would be surprised to know about.

For a quick look, study his significant votes in the Benchmark Section of this site, under About Tom Udall.

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