2008 Revisited: Tom Udall Plays the Failed President Card

 Posted:  May 30, 2014

The article link below contains a television advertisement that Tom Udall used in his campaign against Steve Pearce back in the day. He gave it his blessing then.

Now, it must not be good because the video that goes with the article has been scrubbed clean and taken out of circulation, probably by the public relations firm that does all the slick Tom Udall ads on television. A politician doesn’t want old words to come back to haunt them, so you just hide the evidence. Luckily, we have the words so we just did a little rewriting of the message.

Barack Obama and Tom Udall … how much are they costing you? Tom Udall voted 92% of the time with Barack Obama giving special deals to lawyers, big health care companies, big bankers and Wall Street, big pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and big business, green energy concerns, public private unions. We are now stuck with $3.50 per gallon gas, rising electric bills, difficult to find loans from our small banks, and we have lost our Doctors and healthcare plans. It is time New Mexicans see just how much we have been impacted by Tom Udall’s lock step support of the failed administrative policies of Barack Obama that have led to the growing middle class squeeze.

It is funny that Tom Udall thinks he represents the middle class. His record, his votes, his history tell a different story. If Tom can bash Bush and tie his opponents to Bush, it seems “fair” that we can tie Tom Udall to Barack Obama. They are, after all, two sides of the same coin.

It would be really nice if Tom Udall ran on his true record instead of trying to be something he isn’t.

Full article here >>>.

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