Is Your Candidate a Psychopath?

 Posted:  June 29, 2014 In this, the Atlantic article linked below, it is pointed out that psychopaths and politicians share certain characteristics. While it take a lot of problems to make a Hitler, psychopaths are among us and function in … Continue reading

New Mexico Blogger in the Liberal Tank

 Posted:  June 27, 2014 Just when you thought you could trust what you were reading, you are jerked back. This linked article by Politix Fireball concerns a top New Mexican blog by Joe Monahan who gets some attention in various … Continue reading

Lame Duck Democracy

 Posted:  June 26, 2014 Thomas Sowell writes words that Tom Udall only wishes he could live up to, and we wish Tom Udall would live up to as part of his oath of office requires. “The Constitution of the U.S. … Continue reading

Next Land Grab: Red River, New Mexico

 Posted:  June 25, 2014 You thought it was all over in New Mexico but Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich aren’t done yet grabbing properties for their environmental portfolio. They took half the state in southern New Mexico, are working on … Continue reading

You Know What GMO’s Are …

 Posted:  June 24, 2014 You just don’t know that Tom Udall voted NOT to require Monsanto and other companies to label Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) in the products they sell. In the recent signing of the Farm Bill of 2014, … Continue reading

Tom Udall Gets Bit by His Own Dog

 Posted:  June 22, 2014 The ACLU is a traditional Democrat ally. It says much when they step up to the plate and denounce impending legislation from their favorite side of the aisle. It is a little like your best friend … Continue reading

Email – Gate!

 Posted:  June 21, 2014 We are used to incompetence in government. We also know how the IRS treats citizens who have problems with their paperwork. Anyone who has had an audit knows how hostile, arrogant, and demanding the IRS can … Continue reading

Poles Apart: A Divided America

 Posted:  June 17, 2014 Recently, someone commented that this site was “right wing” but had “good information”. The “good information” part was correct. The “right wing” part is not correct. is a site focused on some simple ideas: Representatives … Continue reading

Self Induced Tragedy: Our Missing U.S. Borders

 Posted:  June 15, 2014 The movement of children has accelerated. They have been coming in greater and greater numbers from Mexico, Central America, and parts even further south. While the Administration and Democrats call for “immigration reform” our borders have … Continue reading

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

 Posted:  June 14, 2014 Yes, Virginia, there is United Nations. It is this really tall building in Manhattan, New York. Unelected, appointed elites from all countries around the world report to work each morning. Their main job is to extort … Continue reading

Is Tom Udall Listening?

 Posted:  June 13, 2014 As mentioned in previous postings, Tom Udall is not one to step out on his own and make any non-scripted statements. That would be too unpolished, too dangerous, require too much creeping out on the limb. … Continue reading

Whistleblowers Are the Enemy in 2013

 Posted:  June 12, 2014 The video below, by Reporters without Borders, reports on the state of journalism in the U.S. and around the world. It reports that the United States has dropped to a world ranking of 46th out of … Continue reading

Now We Vote on the Weather?

 Posted:  June 12, 2014 It all reminds me of the old saying that gamblers will bet on anything – how long it takes a fly to leave a nice plate of barbecue at the church picnic, how long it takes a … Continue reading

Yes, Let’s Talk About Taxes!

 Posted:  June 9, 2014 This last tax season Americans spent 7 billion hours preparing taxes. This last tax season 30% of what you make went to income taxes. This last year, including many of the 97 different taxes/fees on the … Continue reading

Political Fundraisers Get Their Rewards

 Posted:  June 9, 2014 Ambassadors of the United States to other countries can be important positions. They represent the U.S. in foreign countries, provide resources and protections for Americans traveling and living abroad, and help facilitate negotiations between the U.S. … Continue reading

Meet Tom Udall: Big Spender 2013

 Posted:  June 8, 2014 The article below links to a fascinating study by the Washington Examiner. Some the points they make are: In 2013 ,Democrats sponsored 618 bills that would have spent at least $1.35 trillion. In 2013, Republicans sponsored … Continue reading

What do We Need a Constitution For?

 Posted:  June 7, 2014 The value of the Constitution is that it gives regular Americans protections from the rich, powerful, and well connected in our society. If you listen to politicians from both political parties, you would think that they … Continue reading

Ethics Complaint Against Tom Udall Filed

 Posted:  June 5, 2014 A complaint was filed with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics arguing that Senators improperly contacted the Internal Revenue Service to investigate nonprofit political groups. Tom Udall was one of the seven Democratic Senators in … Continue reading

Here We Go Again on Global Warming …

 Posted:  June 4, 2014 The other day the Obama Administration announced plans to go ahead and pursue the destruction of the coal industry without the support of Congress – who doesn’t support this plan. Using his idea of Executive privilege as … Continue reading

The Only Path to Tomorrow

 Posted:  June 3, 2014 “The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of totalitarianism It’s best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it …” “Totalitarianism … Continue reading

Act Blue and Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 3, 2014 Unaccountable online donations are the biggest contribution source of Blue Tom Udall running in Blue New Mexico. Where is campaign reform when you need it? Act Blue raises money for liberal causes and liberal candidates. As … Continue reading

55 Million Abortions Came so Quickly

 Posted:  June 3, 2014 Regardless of whether you consider yourself pro-choice or pro-life, 55 million babies, or fetus as some like to refer to them, are no longer here. They had no opportunity to contribute. They had no chance to … Continue reading

This is What They Have Planned For You

 Posted:  June 2, 2014 Back in 2011, this article (see link below) described an “alternative budget” proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It has been discussed before that New Mexico’s Tom Udall and Ben Ray Lujan and probably, though he … Continue reading

Why Won’t Sharks Eat Lawyers?

 Posted:  June 1, 2014 This is an old joke that is still funny. The answer, of course, is “professional courtesy”. ObamaCare was guilty of many things, but one of the worst was the fact that it didn’t say anything about … Continue reading

27 Illegal Delays to ObamaCare

 Posted:  June 1, 2014 The Obama administration announced this week that the ObamaCare mandate for medium sized businesses (50-99) employees will be delayed until 2015. This most recent announcement came after a long list of delays where the White House … Continue reading