What if our Democracy is a Fraud?

 Posted:  July 30, 2014 From Judge Napolitano: What if our government believes in make believe? What if our government misinforms voters so they will justify anything the government wants to do? What if you are allowed to vote because it … Continue reading

The Udall/Guitierrez/La Raza Connection

 Posted:  July 28, 2014 Tom Udall was a member of the Progressive Caucus. Luis Guitierrrez is Chairman of the Progressive Caucus. Luis Guitierrez made these remarks at a La Raza Convention. La Raza is a Socialist radical organization that wants … Continue reading

Allen Weh Freedom Ad

 Posted:  July 27, 2014 The political season is beginning. In the last several weeks we have seen a campaign ad from Tom Udall concerning Vets. Now, we see an ad from Allen Weh claiming his territory as a man with … Continue reading

Why Hasn’t Tom Udall Talked About Bengazi?

 Posted:  July 26, 2014 This video provides startling documentation of what actually happened in Bengazi. Bengazi is a place. Bengazi involved Americans. Bengazi is understandable. Bengazi is a national disgrace. Watching the mini-documentary discussion of Bengazi and why it matters … Continue reading

When Will Tom Udall Own Up to ObamaCare?

 Posted:  July 23, 2014 Looks like he might be scrubbing his letters to constituents. We had an E-mail from a Website visitor yesterday asking for information about a letter to constituents Tom Udall was supposed to have written in November … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s Form Letters Are True to Form

 Posted:  July 23, 2014 We have sent letters to Tom Udall about various issues we love. We have read Tom Udall’s responses to letters he has received. We read complaints all the time at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com about letters New Mexican’s have … Continue reading

Follow the Money Baby!!!

 Posted:  July 19, 2014 According to an Albuquerque Journal article linked below, some interesting facts have emerged: Tom Udall, who wants to clean up campaign finance, has a war chest of 3 million dollars. From other sources we know that … Continue reading

Allen Weh on Issues

 Posted:  July 17, 2014 At DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com, we focus on Tom Udall. He has been walking the halls of power for a number of years and has a lengthy track record of votes. In studying his votes, one becomes aware of … Continue reading

I Don’t Like …

 Posted:  July 17, 2014 Being treated as if my value to the government is as a source of labor or funds. Being spied on and treated as if I have no privacy. Government officials who lobby for my vote only … Continue reading

Don’t Blink or You Will Miss a Post

 Posted:  July 16, 2014 See “Recent Posts” on DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com. Down the right side of the home page is a short list of recent posts. Those familiar with this Website realize that there are new postings each day. The postings you … Continue reading

America Does Have Challenges

 Posted:  July 15, 2014 Across the top menu bar on the home page is the heading Americas Challenges. If you hoover over or click on this heading you get a dropdown menu of videos and articles. These videos and articles … Continue reading

Want info on Tom Udall?

 Posted:  July 13, 2014 There are over 200 News Postings at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com. For those who want info on Tom Udall, there is plenty here. If a site visitor wants to find postings about Tom Udall there are many ways to … Continue reading

Local Control is Everything

 Posted:  July 12, 2014 Lose that and you lose your way of life, your community, your chance to have a say. This linked article discusses a survey taken of Dona Ana residents BEFORE the Udall/Heinrich/Obama Land Grab. The article discusses … Continue reading

Now Your Church is Into Social Revolution

 Posted:  July 11, 2014 There is a movement afoot, particularly in the Catholic Church, called liberation theology. Created in South America, home of the new Pope Francis, this theology takes a very active role for the church in helping what … Continue reading

How Many Rights Have Americans Really Lost?

 Posted:  July 10, 2014 There is much effort spent on the DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com Website to document the loss of Constitutional freedoms. The Constitution was written to protect individuals from government and this article, linked below, explains in great detail how each … Continue reading

Even Drones, in the Right Hands, Can be Good

 Posted:  July 9, 2014 This video was submitted by a fan of DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com. In the midst of weighty philosophy, political posturing and votes, trying to decide life and death issues emanating from Washington D.C. and rippling across the country like … Continue reading

Ethanol Destroys the Environment …

 Posted:  July 8, 2014 … Tom Udall supports ethanol. Does that make him anti-environment? The Forbes article is about a year old but ethanol gas is still sold down at the corner Circle K. As the article aptly states, the Associated … Continue reading

Milleneals Unemployment For June 2014 is 15.2%

 Posted:  July 6, 2014 Generation Opportunity, using Bureau of Labor Statistics, have come up with real unemployment numbers for milleneals, including those who have quit looking. Unemployment rates for 18-29 (blacks) 22.6% Unemployment rates for 18-29 (Hispanics) 11.9% Unemployment rates … Continue reading

Aspen Institute Pays Big for Tom Udall

 Posted:  July 5, 2014 “Tom Udall has received more travel funds from PRIVATE organizations, than other currently serving Senators. Over the past 14 years, Udall has traveled to Italy, Switzerland, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Finland, China, all on Aspen … Continue reading

Google Tom Udall and Collectivism

 Posted:  July 4, 2014 When you go to Google you are liable to find out things you didn’t know. When you Google Tom Udall and Collectivism you find out that Tom Udall is a master of collectivism. If you don’t … Continue reading

Tom Udall and the Three C’s

 Posted:  July 4, 2014 Back in our grade schools most of us learned our ABC’s. There were charts on the wall that showed how the letters were to be constructed and we had special tablets – two lines for capitals and … Continue reading

Tom Udall and Crony Capitalism

 Posted:  July 2, 2014 Google brings you all kinds of good information easily, quickly, efficiently. Crony Capitalism is a concept every voter needs to know. Tom Udall loves Big Government. That much is indisputable. Big Government that ties your shoelaces, … Continue reading