Tom Udall and Social Security

 Posted:  November 1, 2014 Tom Udall always refers to protecting Social Security as if it were the Holy Grail. His way of protecting it is to do nothing to it, make no changes, make no adjustments, and fight anyone who … Continue reading

The Udall Curse

 Posted:  November 1, 2014 The linked article reminds us that family dynasties abound in U.S. politics. We have our own little dynasty with Tom Udall being a Senator from New Mexico and Mark Udall being a Senator from Colorado. One … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s War

 Posted:  November 1, 2014 The linked television ad below from the Allen Weh campaign reminds us that Tom Udall is a class warfare specialist. When it comes time to answering questions about policies or positions, Tom Udall will start talking … Continue reading

Susana Martinez Talks About Vote Fraud

 Posted:  October 31, 2014 Yesterday, at the start of her statewide bus tour, Susana Martinez talked briefly to the crowd assembled there. She was gracious, as always, and one of the topics she mentioned was the importance of Voter ID’s … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s Hollywood Roots

 Posted:  October 29, 2014 We know that Tom Udall has no business being a representative of anyone in New Mexico. His votes, attitude, and behavior have shown that he is just running for Senate from New Mexico because that is … Continue reading

Saturday Night Live Gives You More Truth

 Posted:  October 28, 2014 Sometimes comedy can get you closer to the truth of things than all the reading in the world. We find the video in the linked article below entertaining, thoughtful, and provoking. Even lovers of this administration … Continue reading

We Aren’t the Middle Class Anymore

 Posted:  October 27, 2014 At a concert last night, the band played an original song about the death of the “middle class”. As the performer who wrote the protest song wryly stated: “My conservative and liberal friends both liked the … Continue reading

What is Albuquerque’s Skill Set?

 Posted:  October 25, 2014 The linked article below from LinkedIn is a very nice representation of what cities around the world have as a professional skill set. Albuquerque is the only city in New Mexico that is profiled. By moving … Continue reading

Just More Pot Fallout

 Posted:  October 24, 2014 The Denver police department has just put a notice on their Facebook page telling parents to inspect Halloween candy. Apparently, candy can be sprayed with hash oil, and once it has dried it is difficult to … Continue reading

Where Do We Get Our Green Cards?

 Posted:  October 23, 2014 Much like a cat playing with a mouse, the POTUS is toying with the American public again. Immigration is the issue, and when he will pull another Executive Order out of his immigration hat is all … Continue reading

Rumble by the Rio

 Posted:  October 22, 2014 Last night in Las Cruces, New Mexico we had a great event for those who care about ideas, about politics, about the future of sleepy old New Mexico. I wish we could have been there. We … Continue reading

Communism is the “in” Thing Now

 Posted:  October 21, 2014 Some of us who are older remember the Communist scare in the U.S. when Joseph McCarthy pursued Communists in our government. It turns out that he was correct in his assessment of the fact that Communists … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s “So What” Campaign

 Posted:  October 20, 2014 Tom Udall can sling mud with the best of them. When you can’t beat someone with the truth you resort to slick ads, partial statements, fear mongering, changing the subject, and pointing the finger. Allen Weh … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s Childhood Dream in Five Steps

 Posted:  October 20, 2014 Politicians, according to Wiki How, can earn substantial income while working to achieve goals “they” feel are worthy. Tom Udall, career politician, has always had his sights on public office. The secrets according to this article … Continue reading

Update on Ebola Czar

 Posted:  October 19, 2014 A recent posting discussed the bringing on of Lisa Monaco to be the “Ebola Czar”. That turns out to be a little premature. The POTUS has now picked a Democratic operative named Ron Klain as the … Continue reading

Geography Test For the Masses

 Posted:  October 18, 2014 How well do you know your U.S. geography? Now, in the privacy of your own home, hopefully without NSA knowing, you can check yourself to see if you still remember the facts that one of your … Continue reading

White House Logic Defies Logic

 Posted:  October 17, 2014 The Ebola scare is now actually more than a scare. It has come across the ocean and patients in a number of U.S. cities have contracted the disease. How it came here, of course, is the … Continue reading

Do You Trust the Government?

 Posted:  October 16, 2014 “Trust in government comes primarily from one thing – a government that is worthy of trust.” After the last ten years in America, how could a citizen say he or she trusts the government, or trusts the … Continue reading

Five Voter Fraud Myths and Facts

 Posted:  October 15, 2014 Every election there are charges and counter-charges about voter fraud in elections. The linked article below discusses and gives examples of actual events in U.S. elections. Myth: President Obama won re-election because of voter fraud. Fact: … Continue reading

The United States is an Oligarchy

 Posted:  October 14, 2014 The linked article below reports findings from a recent Princeton and Northwestern University study. It finds that: “The U.S. has taken a trip down elitist lane and become a country led by a small dominant class … Continue reading

Would You Rather Have Paper or Gold?

 Posted:  October 13, 2014 The linked article below goes into detail about the manipulation of the gold market by the United States Federal Reserve, just another reason to can them. They aren’t supposed to be rigging markets but they have … Continue reading

The George Soros/Tom Udall Team

 Posted:  October 12, 2014 It is not new news to us that Tom Udall takes money from organizations under the control of George Soros. It is probably news to many unsuspecting New Mexico voters who choose to let the dog … Continue reading

CBS News Hides the Real News Daily

 Posted:  October 11, 2014 There is no doubt that the major news channels on both national and local levels refuse to publicize the troubles of Obama, the Democrats, and the election coming up. In fact, the stations go out of … Continue reading

Coast to Coast and the Money Mafia

 Posted:  October 10, 2014 In the linked article below reviewing a program on Coast to Coast, some very important concepts leap out. “The power to create money must be taken from the banking cartel and returned to individual nations …” “Banks … Continue reading

College Students and ISIS

 Posted:  October 10, 2014 The linked video features college students at Harvard being asked who is the biggest danger – ISIS or America? How you answer the question will tell a lot about the kind of people you put in office. … Continue reading

How do Billionaires Think?

 Posted:  October 10, 2014 There are a number of videos on this site that give the opposition view to Tom Udall’s radical environmentalism and dishonesty. In the interesting article and video clips linked below, the billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. is … Continue reading

15 Seconds

 Posted:  October 9, 2014 Time goes slow in a campaign and it also goes quick. When you have to pay for ads it gets really dicey. You have fifteen seconds to get a point across when your well financed, well … Continue reading

The NSA: Pure Evil

 Posted:  October 7, 2014 It is one thing to read articles and watch videos created by reporters and those outside the NSA. It is quire another to read a piece by an insider. This lengthy read gives you a very … Continue reading

What Happened to Acculturation?

 Posted:  October 7, 2014 The linked article below is rather sobering. There is a lot of talk about newcomers to America learning our language and learning our culture. This article paints a very different picture – sort of a replay of … Continue reading

Roswell Daily Record Endorses Allen Weh

 Posted:  October 7, 2014 The link below to the Roswell Daily Record‘s endorsement of Allen Weh. The newspaper summarizes a few of the reasons that Tom Udall does not represent New Mexico, reasons we have been stressing for months on … Continue reading

Feminism Versus Truth

 Posted:  October 6, 2014 The video in the linked article below was made by a woman professional who crunches numbers, does research, and combats the ideas commonly presented in the media as truth when talking about “women”. There is a … Continue reading

Who Actually Votes in America?

 Posted:  October 6, 2014 The little info article linked below gives some facts about voting in America. Even though it spotlights 2012 elections, the info is still pertinent. Some of the highlights: Top two reasons for not voting are too … Continue reading

The Coming American Civil War

 Posted:  October 6, 2014 We have had a Civil War before and it was not a pretty thing to get through. For those who like to understand what might be coming at us so they can get themselves ready, the … Continue reading

Political Money is Chump Change For Americans

 Posted:  October 6, 2014 Why are some so worried about political spending? According to this breakdown (see linked article below) of how Americans spend their money, politics is not even a contender. Potato chips, beer, tooth whiteners? Pet food, travel, … Continue reading

So You Think Terrorists Are Not in the U.S.?

 Posted:  October 4, 2014 Some 9,800 aliens were apprehended by Department of Homeland Security agencies in 2013. These aliens came from 15 countries around the world that are associated with terrorist activities, condone and support terrorism, or give terrorists safe … Continue reading

A Tom Udall Fact Sheet

 Posted:  October 4, 2014 There are a few things voters should consider before voting this election. This little fact sheet, linked from, should be in every voter’s hand while they wait in line to make their choices. When he … Continue reading

Tom Udall: The 94% Rubber Stamp

 Posted:  October 4, 2014 The new television ad linked below by the Allen Weh campaign strikes another nerve. Tom Udall doesn’t represent you or New Mexico. Page after page of analysis in the Tom Udall in the News section on … Continue reading

Skateboard Wipeout

 Posted:  October 4, 2014 One of the crew brought this in a few minutes ago. We don’t skateboard much around here, and bending down to tie our shoelaces can be a daunting task. However, we do have a soft place … Continue reading

Is Abortion Your Major Issue?

 Posted:  October 2, 2014 The linked research paper below gives a definitive breakdown of Allen Weh and Tom Udall on abortion. Suffice it too say, the two men are starkly different in their attitudes and beliefs. At this Website, the … Continue reading