Everyone Gets Replaced But Tom Udall

 Posted:  November 5, 2014 New Mexico is a strange state. It wants to remain aloof, behind the times, dependent on the Federal government, full of excuses about its own poverty and its own unwillingness to change its ways. In this … Continue reading

Tom Udall/Allen Weh Debate Revisited

 Posted:  November 4, 2014 This was too little too late but the moment that crystallized our opinion of Tom Udall was his brief flippant comment about not knowing the difference between millions and billions. When he accused Allen Weh of … Continue reading

What Your Fellow Americans Care About

 Posted:  November 4, 2014 The linked Gallup poll below recently put lots in perspective. Americans, it seems, are fairly consistent in determining that the following things are important: Unemployment and jobs are not acceptable. The Federal Debt and Deficit are … Continue reading

How do You Think About Wealth?

 Posted:  November 2, 2014 This video above has been on this Website for a while and it does a great job of summing up the current class envy tactics of Tom Udall. To a progressive like Tom Udall who has … Continue reading

Tom Udall’s Energy Balance Lie

 Posted:  November 2, 2014 During the debate, short and not so sweet, Tom Udall told his most commonly told lie – i.e. that he was for a balanced energy program. This lie is so large and so great that it wouldn’t … Continue reading

Tom Udall: Multimillionaire

 Posted:  November 2, 2014 Before you get excited, Tom Udall is a multimillionaire, but more like a mini-multimillionaire. He is ranked 47th among current Senators in terms of personal wealth – $2.9 million. He has more than enough money to pay … Continue reading