27 Illegal Delays to ObamaCare

 Posted:  June 1, 2014

The Obama administration announced this week that the ObamaCare mandate for medium sized businesses (50-99) employees will be delayed until 2015. This most recent announcement came after a long list of delays where the White House has unilaterally changed the law, as signed, without Congress’s consent.

If you think we still live in a Constitutional Republic where your Representatives have a chance to represent you, think again.

A law is a law until the Executive Branch decides it isn’t a law, or wants to comply with part of it and not all of it.

If the law has had 27 delays, Americans have to believe there are some real problems with it, even if the messenger is the opposition party. Sometimes the opposition party does make some good points.

You will lose your work based employer insurance in the next ten years, if you haven’t already. The delays are motivated by those who voted for the bill wanting to mute the damage so they will be re-elected.

Tom Udall is one of those who not only voted for ObamaCare, but supported it, and said you would be able to keep your plan. We are guessing there will be 50 delays and changes to the law. For a bunch of lawyers schooled at making rules, it seems they did a very sloppy job with this piece of legislation and we are all going to suffer for it.

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