3.5 Million Americans Too Lose Healthcare Plans Because of Tom Udall

 Posted:  October 5, 2014

The linked article below includes a state by state breakdown of people losing their healthcare plans because they don’t meet the standards of ObamaCare.

If you notice, many of the states aren’t reporting who loses because they aren’t doing ObamaCare.

If you notice, the Obama admin and Tom Udall knew that people would lose their plans for three years and maintained that all was well when repeatedly asked about it.

What Tom Udall does affects all the states, just not New Mexico.

You best call your relatives in other states before you vote to see if they are still covered?

Tom Udall has a great big government club, and, when he swings, he takes out whole neighborhoods.

It is, as he always says, “in the best good of the collective whole.”

No one likes being lied too.

We are voters who have very good memories.

We wish non-New Mexicans could vote against Tom Udall too. Why should they be beat up by his liberal progressive votes too?

It doesn’t sound fair to us? Isn’t fairness what Tom Udall values more than anything?

Full article here >>>.

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