350 Reasons to Think Before You Vote For Tom Udall

 Posted:  August 23, 2014

The team at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com meets twice a week to compare notes, suck down multiple cups of coffee, listen to  Barry Manilow  Taylor Swift on  CD  bluetooth speakers connected wirelessly to our iPhone and try to figure out why anyone would vote for Tom Udall? (Note: Above edits by a junior staff member who’s the only TRUE MUSIC LOVER on the team.)

There are over three hundred and fifty postings about the New Mexico campaign for Senate, positions and past votes of Tom Udall, and general interest stories. You won’t like all of them, might hate most of them, love some of them, have questions about some.

We think about what we post and try to honestly evaluate and hold accountable the man that now is one of the hundred most important men in America, the holder of a seat in the U.S. Senate.

It doesn’t belong to him, or his family, or the Democratic Party. It belongs to the voters of New Mexico and it is still YOUR choice who you want to represent you.

The 350 posts contain linked stories and/or videos and the posts tie the articles and videos to Tom Udall and his non-representation of our state.

You might think you know Tom Udall by what he says, but what he says, and does, are two different things.

We know that, for a fact – and, you should too.

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