37% Vote For Zombies Over Your New Mexico Congressional Delegation

 Posted:  August 26, 2014

We have lots of polls on the Website DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com. Politicians look at the polls to figure out what they should say and do because most of the times they just don’t have enough time to worry about what the folks back home might think. Once they go to Washington they get caught up in a lot of parties and party politics and you don’t hear from them.

These collected polls from the U.S. Politics section of the Website, tell us that Congress is at an all time low. There is an old saying that voters hate Congress but love their representatives but we think this isn’t true in New Mexico anymore. We think voters here realize that incumbents are the problem and Tom Udall is a long time do nothing incumbent.

If 37% of the people of the country think Zombies would do a better job in Congress than those who are already there, it seems that the upcoming election could be a winner.

We sort of think of Tom Udall as a partisan zombie already in Congress who wears a blue jump suit and raises his hand only when Harry Reid shocks him with a taser.

We all wish their were real zombies we could put in office and instead of making laws they would make sandwiches of each other.

The only solution for us us to throw out the bums, bring the incumbents home, and hope that new faces in Congress will bring a new chance at solutions for New Mexico and the U.S.

If Dirty Harry loses his taser we would probably be far better off.

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