6,000 Foreigners on Student Visas Have Just Disappeared in the U.S.

 Posted:  September 4, 2014

Tom Udall has a job to do. He is entrusted with protecting our borders and protecting our sovereignty. That is what the Federal government is supposed to do.

What is Tom Udall doing – agitating for amnesty, trying to get free college for the children of illegal immigrants, refusing to build a border fence, asking to reform the immigration system.

The Department of Homeland Security just reported that there are 6,000 foreign nationals who are in the U.S. who have just “disappeared”. The linked video and article explain a few things about a non-working system.

  1. The missing 6,000 on student Visas have overstayed their time here, are not in school, and are not accounted for.

  2. About a million foreigners come to the U.S. on student Visa’s each year.

  3. 26 holders of student Visa’s have been ARRESTED for terrorist activities in the U.S.

  4. There are 9,000 schools on the list approved for students from abroad and not all of them are universities. Some are massage schools, some horse shoeing etc.

You would think that our representative in Washington D.C. would not be so cavalier about who is coming into the U.S. and why?

Who, as we have said often, is Tom Udall representing? Could he be representing the educational establishment that makes money from tuition from all these well heeled foreign visitors?

Full article here >>>.

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