A Hispanic Who is Not Pleased With Tom Udall’s Land Grab

 Posted:  June 28, 2014

This linked article in the Albuquerque Journal is short, to the point, and very descriptive of what the massive land grab of Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich means not only to Hispanics but all New Mexicans.

The writing is articulate and eloquent and makes the case against Tom Udall quite persuasively.

Readers are invited to see what A.M. Martinez says about Tom Udall. He concludes the piece by saying:

“I ask my fellow Hispanics and all New Mexicans who care about the future to join me in voting AGAINST Tom Udall this November …”

The land grab has been completed but the verdict is still out. Send Tom Udall packing this November before he takes more New Mexico land and gives it to his environmental friends in Washington D.C.

Full article here >>>.

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