A Peek at the Future Through Tom Udall’s Eyes

 Posted:  June 23, 2014

There is a progressive movement afoot in the Senate and that movement looks to raise taxes, expand social spending, continue loose money policies and go after big business that has, up to now, been supporting Democrats more than Republicans. The push is for completely socialized government healthcare and who gives a damn about deficit spending.

Tom Udall, formerly a centrist taking money from big banks and Wall Street, still takes their money but talks a populist anti-corporate talk. He is a devotee of Elizabeth Warren and is finally getting to pursue his big government, big spend, big welfare state ideas that are his true nature.

For those who have any ideas of fiscal restraint and slowing the growth of big intrusive government, Tom Udall is not your man. From this linked article it is clear that moderation is not in the cards and will not be tolerated by anyone in the Senate, or the House of Representatives.

We continue to have two different ideas of America and New Mexicans, like all Americans, will choose their future in November.

With this as the future that Tom Udall desires, voters best hold on to their wallets. If he has his desires we will explode into European style Socialism that is dragging them down at a pace quicker than we are falling. They will hit the ground first.

We will hit, hard, soon after.

Full article here >>>.

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