A Real Liberal Talks About Liberals

 Posted:  August 29, 2014

The linked article below by Chris Hedges is good for a number of reasons. It makes the point that this Website has made often – today’s liberals, as liberal as they talk, are just crony capitalists, and hypocrites.

It is good to hear a man who calls himself a “socialist” evaluate the current crop of Democrats in Congress and in the Oval Office. We don’t have any use for wealth distribution or socialism but we do have a need to see our freedoms protected, and Mr. Hedges is definitely on the right track. He does have an interest in the poor and working class, and so do we. We want them to have chances to start small businesses that become big, hire their neighbors, help their communities and their families. We don’t look at people in terms of what we can do for them; we look at what we can do to help them do for themselves.

Anyone thinking that Tom Udall is a liberal will be chagrined at Mr. Hedges comments, especially since they are true and right on target.

Tom Udall is a talking liberal who cozies up to big money just like the conservatives, perpetuates the ruling class just like conservatives, and supports the spy and die machine just like conservatives.

We hate Socialism because it is enslaving you to pay for someone else’s party and using the word moral responsibility and guilt to sell it to you.

We like this article because it hurts progressive more when they are criticized by one of their own.

Full article here >>>.

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