A Reason to Hate Political Action Committees

 Posted:  October 6, 2014

Lots of the bluster this season involves a misguided thought that money in politics can not only be controlled, but be controlled by Congress.

For all kinds of reasons, you just have to be suspicious of men in dark suits with dark glasses reading from notes and telling you in four part harmony that the rich guys are buying Congress, buying votes, buying decisions, buying your future.

Of course they are because the rich are the only ones that get into politics, stay into politics, and make decisions that help them and their friends first and make you pay for it. When was the last time you found a poor man who could get elected?

Politics is a rich person’s board game and we have our chance to win the game only if we get out and vote and consistently allow challengers to enter the Congress.

It is with great sympathy that we tell you now that PAC’s are not in your favor but not because of what you thought.

PAC’s are not bad because they funnel all kinds of money to candidates you fear and distrust.

PAC’s are BAD because they funnel all kinds of money to incumbents who have already shown their true colors – a love of money and power.

If Tom Udall wants to do a favor for us, he should get himself and his buddies to pass a law that says ALL PAC’s have to give as much to challengers as incumbents.

That would really be our idea of reform.

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