Accountability at the V.A.: Accountability by Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 8, 2014

There are always scandals.

The real scandal with the V.A. is that upper level administrators, as well as doctors and staff at the New Mexico facilities knew there were problems with the mission of the V.A. Tom Udall has stated in more than one place that he had been told by N.M. vets about some of these problems. The Obama Administration was told about the problems by the Bush Administration, who also did nothing.

Now that the scandal has popped, Tom Udall is calling for investigations, demanding that people be held accountable, asking for more input from New Mexico vets.

The question some should be asking is this:

If Tom Udall knew of the problem, when did he know about it and what did he do about it?

It should be easy enough for a Congressman to show letters, E-mails, visits to the local V.A. in Albuquerque to see what was happening. It should be easy for him to show how he followed up on the information he was given by constituents, and how he tried to solve the problems.

A big part of accountability is to hold yourself accountable.

If Tom Udall worked to remedy the problem when he first heard of it, he deserves a pat on the back and a Salute. If he waited, said nothing, did nothing till the scandal broke before waving his arms and hands in the air and calling for resignation, then he deserves to be voted out of office.

These days we don’t want politician’s words about what they did. We want to see facts.

Where are the facts Tom Udall. You knew a long time ago and the problems continued. What did you do and when did you do it?

Maybe the Albuquerque Journal will do some reporting on this instead of licking your boots.

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