Act Blue and Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 3, 2014

Unaccountable online donations are the biggest contribution source of Blue Tom Udall running in Blue New Mexico. Where is campaign reform when you need it?

Act Blue raises money for liberal causes and liberal candidates. As an article below shows, Act Blue is not averse to supporting the cause of Globalism using it as a way to get donations.

Globalism is an idea that has become acceptable. Globalism favors big money, big banking, big agriculture, big business. It is the idea that the world has no borders and that people are to be ruled by an elite group of one world order guys who will take care that everyone gets a slice of the entire pie. Bill and Hillary Clinton are Globalists. George Bush and W Bush are globalists.

When you hear the words “One World Order” you need to squirm in your seat. Can you imagine the profligate USA in charge of the world?

Tom Udall gets lots of money from Act Blue (backed by George Soros, of course). He gets more money from them than his traditional money from the Democratic National Committee or unions (government and private).

Tom Udall is a Globalist who believes in subjugating American needs to the needs of the United Nations and other blocks of countries. Tom Udall is not a sovereign kind of guy. He has voted to let the U.N. control guns in the U.S. and voted to establish planned parenthood centers globally.

For a guy who talks about the little guy, he sure is helping the big guys.

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