Albuquerque Journal Poll on 2014 Senate Race Between Udall and Weh

 Posted:  August 19, 2014

The Albuquerque Journal posted poll results on a survey taken August 12-14, 2014 by a polling outfit sampling New Mexican voters. The pollster called 606 Registered voters who voted in 2010 and were likely to vote again. They were asked the simple question: “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?”

The results indicated a number of things:

  1. Udall has a substantial lead at this moment.

  2. The poll gives no clue about issues or what is motivating voters.

  3. The poll was based on phone calls of which 70% were landlines. Who, in these days, has landlines but older voters?

  4. 16% of Republicans indicated they would vote for Udall.

  5. 9% of Democrats indicated they would vote for Weh.

  6. Independents leaned towards Udall.

  7. Hispanics leaned towards Udall.

  8. Anglos leaned towards Weh.

  9. 11% of voters were undecided.

  10. Albuquerque overwhelmingly supported Udall.

Polls are polls but this one yielded questions from

  1. Why would any Republican vote for a progressive liberal who believes in big government, big taxes, big control?

  2. Why would Independents, fed up with both parties, vote for a most partisan most liberal
    incumbent who votes party line 97% of the time?

  3. When are New Mexican voters going to stop voting by habit, start studying issues, and
    quit backing career politicians that keep our state at the bottom of most polls in terms of jobs,
    dependency, poor education, poverty, and crime?

  4. Why would Hispanics vote for a Republican Hispanic Governor and a progressive Democratic
    Senator Tom Udall? Their philosophies and agenda are completely foreign?

This poll is over. There are still two months and some odd days ‘tll the election.

Understanding New Mexico politics is difficult but polls give candidates things to work on.

We would like to know why voters in this poll chose their candidate. We suspect that most people polled just didn’t know who Allen Weh was.

The election has not started yet. Things change all the time.

Full article here >>>.

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