Albuquerque Journal’s Quigley Gets Five Stars

 Posted:  September 22, 2014

The linked article below from the Albuquerque Journal‘s Winthrop Quigley caught our attention for all kinds of reasons. He discusses the economy of New Mexico and the reasons we need to NOT DEPEND on the military bases and labs. Tom Udall, as we all know, only has a one prong attack on the economy in New Mexico and isn’t even doing that well as a recent post of ours discussed. Here are some of the most salient points of this article:

  1. Government is NOT a growth industry.

  2. Government creates only as many jobs as Congress chooses to create.

  3. Government workers pay taxes and spend money in communities thru consumption but they DON’T grow the economic pie.

  4. New Mexico has been sheltered from the private enterprise economy by its huge dependence on government and is still like a baby in diapers – helpless.

  5. The Labs create good jobs for a FEW people but only last as long as Washington says. (It should also be noted that the labs are now privately owned and can take their business wherever they want whenever they want).

  6. There are 30,000 unemployed in New Mexico (estimate).

  7. New Mexico needs an economic policy as well as a jobs policy.

As concerned New Mexicans, you have a choice. Do you vote for Tom Udall who runs on protecting government jobs and fails or vote for his opponent Allen Weh who runs a business and employs New Mexicans. Don’t you suppose Allen Weh can send new private sector business to New Mexico instead of coasting on Big Government’s coat-tails?

You decide. You pay the consequences of your vote.

Full article here >>>.

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