Allen Weh for Business and Balance

 Posted:  September 29, 2014

The linked article below from the Albuquerque Journal gives Allen Weh a chance to speak to you – uncensored by the newspaper.

He lays out his life history, his work experiences, his reasons for running against an incumbent in Washington, a career politician from a family dynasty who has lots of support from lawyers, environmentalists and big government unions.

Some of his most telling statements talk about New Mexico’s need for balance in Washington.

New Mexico has not always been a “blue” state, and is not a “liberal” state in mind or tradition. We have voted for a Republican Governor in Susana Martinez and Gary Johnson. Pete Dominici represented the state for a long long time.

Somehow, people have forgotten the progressive and liberal voting records and ideology of Tom Udall.

Tom Udall hitched his wagon to the Obama team and they have taken us down the road – in the wrong direction.

Let’s unhitch the wagon and bring on a new team that can move New Mexico into the twenty first century.

Full article here >>>.

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