Allen Weh Freedom Ad

 Posted:  July 27, 2014

The political season is beginning. In the last several weeks we have seen a campaign ad from Tom Udall concerning Vets. Now, we see an ad from Allen Weh claiming his territory as a man with an intimate knowledge of war, sacrifice, and the importance of faith and service to country in his personal makeup.

The ad is short and concise, and reminds us that Allen Weh is not likely to equivocate, change positions, hold his finger up in the wind when the going gets tough.

Americans are tired of wars, having spent blood and trillions of dollars in the Mideast. Americans know vets who have come home to finds no jobs, a country changed from what they remembered, and scarred from events of war that Allen Weh has fought in.

Those who have been to war are usually the last to want to get America involved in another, but they know that the world is not a peaceful place and America has enemies to be prepared for and friends who need to be protected.

In a global economy, the American military will always be our safety. While there will have to be questions resolved about what our military mission is in this world, protecting the country is a Constitutional duty of the Congress and the President.

Who you feel comfortable with in times of crisis will determine partially or totally the way you vote in November.

Active military members and veterans have many reasons to vote for Allen Weh.

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