Allen Weh Has Won the New Mexico Primary Election Against David Clements

 Posted:  June 5, 2014

Mr. Weh will go into the election cycle against incumbent Tom Udall.

His battle will be to convince the 40% of Republican primary voters that didn’t vote for him that freedom matters, the Constitution matters, the economy matters, and that the Republican Party is a party that protects Americans rights under the Constitution. He needs to show New Mexican’s that Tom Udall represents interests that are not those of New Mexico, is a totally partisan Congressman who has used his position to hurt political opponents and has never created a job in his life on the government payroll.

We need to move from voting for parties who cultivate diametrically opposed ideologies and vote for leaders who can solve the problems past leaders have created by their refusal to balance the budget, eliminate the Federal Reserve, keep us out of wars we have no business in, stop the burgeoning welfare state with the Federal government bleeding money and showing no accountability. We need to stop the police state and invasion of American’s privacy.

Mr. Weh has a challenge, but Tom Udall’s record is long, well documented, and easily accessible on the Website.

Voters have a choice in November. Make it count.

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