Allen Weh Meets the Albuquerque Journal

 Posted:  September 9, 2014

The linked article below is an Albuquerque Journal interview with the man running against Tom Udall for the New Mexico Senate Seat in 2014.

We have followed the writer of this article, James Monteleone, and believe he has done a better job of giving Allen Weh a chance to express his goals and objectives than Mike Coleman did challenging the incumbent.

One of the most recommending quotes was as follows: “Allen Weh is a data driven, results oriented person interested in doing things effectively, not just his own way …”

It was not mentioned in the Udall interview that Tom Udall is a most partisan Senator and any voter who thinks Tom Udall reaches across the aisle smokes too much of the good herb.

This interview touches on issues, something the Udall piece doesn’t, and we know Udall can’t run on issues because he has consistently voted against New Mexico interests.

We have suspected this interviewer of having a liberal bias, but we feel he has done an okay job of giving Allen Weh a chance to talk about his ideas and positions without muddying the water with quotes from opposing parties and loaded analysts.

In case no one has noticed, the world is on fire and we have zero confidence in Tom Udall as having the ability to put out fires and take away bad guys matches.

If keeping the labs going is the only thing Tom Udall can run on, it is a sad sad day. New Mexico needs a change and if you keep on keeping on with the same sleeping at the wheel driver, you will go off the edge of the cliff.

Full article here >>>.

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