Allen Weh on Campaign Reform and the First Amendment

 Posted:  September 25, 2014

The linked page below from Allen Weh’s website offers insight into this issue.

There are many many articles on this Website that confirm that this push by Tom Udall to regulate political speech is an affront, an insult, and a dangerous strategy. Even the ACLU, normally a Democrat ally, is on record as saying this business is funny business.

The entire thing is nothing more than a strategy to fund raise, a strategy to avoid talking about immigration, ObamaCare and foreign wars. The entire issue is an attempt to protect incumbents who don’t need any more protection.

Letting Congress regulate political speech is akin to letting a bank robber close the bank each evening.

Two paragraphs caught our eye from Allen Weh’s comments:

“No donations can influence someone who is ethical, no matter who the money comes from. And no law can be written that can transform an unethical person into an ethical one.”

“If Udall feels he and his fellow Senators and Congressmen are so easily influenced by corporate donations that they need to restrict the 1st amendment for the rest of us, then we should send them home.” reminds voters that your vote counts as much as Warren Buffet’s and you don’t need to spend a dime.

It is the private sector that pays for government and possibly they should have a say in who is elected. Why in a sort of capitalist country, is business so maligned, so hated, so despised.

From our point of view, business has issues but big government is really worse. If you don’t like business you don’t use their services. If you don’t like government, you are screwed.

Full article here >>>.

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