Allen Weh on Economic Development in New Mexico and the Nation

 Posted:  August 24, 2014

The economy is one issue that affects everyone. Regardless of your income, your education, your family status, your race, your religion, how well the country is doing economically impacts everyone.

Allen Weh is running for the U.S. Senate for New Mexico this election cycle. He is running against Tom Udall who has been in Washington a long long time.

If you believe the economy is well, you better look again. A rising stock market doesn’t tell much about how well we are doing since many people don’t participate in the stock market.

The jobless rate doesn’t tell the entire story because lots of people have just dropped out of the job market and are not looking any longer.

Food stamps on the rise tells some of the story ,as well as unemployment benefits.

Homeless people on the streets tell some of the story.

College graduates leaving New Mexico because they can’t find jobs here is part of the story and the fact that New Mexico is losing population each year says a lot about our state. People are voting with their feet.

The downsizing of jobs from full-time to part-time tells a story.

The rising cost of groceries and stagnant salaries tells a story.

The costs and risks of starting a business have increased and have discouraged people from taking the risk.

You put all the little pieces together and you start to get a picture that change is needed.

When the economy is firing on all cylinders people do better.

This issue page, linked below from his Website, presents Allen Weh’s ideas on economic development in New Mexico and the nation.

Tom Udall passes legislation that helps big business, big banks, Wall Street, and public sector employees.

While there is a place for these groups, they are at the back of the bus. It is small business that hires most of your neighbors and anyone who helps small business helps your community.

We are tired of the “too big too fail” concept of economic development. You should be too.

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