Allen Weh on Issues

 Posted:  July 17, 2014

At, we focus on Tom Udall. He has been walking the halls of power for a number of years and has a lengthy track record of votes. In studying his votes, one becomes aware of differences between what Tom Udall says, and what Tom Udall does.

There is no reason for any independent, moderate, or middle of the road voter to come to the conclusion that Tom Udall is one of them. He is not independent, not moderate, and not middle of the road. He is progressive, partisan, and pushes for big government, big regulation, big control, and helping his buddies in big banking, Wall Street, big business, big environmentalism, and big unions.

As the election progresses, will follow both Tom Udall and his opponent Allen Weh.

In this linked article, Allen Weh puts some of his ideas on paper.

Voters must evaluate candidates and choose the one who best fits their true beliefs about government and its role in their lives.

We, at look for accountability in our elected officials. We expect them to say what they do, and do what they say. Tom Udall fails this simple yet difficult task often.

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