Allen Weh Speaks on the Issues

 Posted:  August 31, 2014

If you go to and type Allen Weh in the search feature you will get a listing of articles related to the man who is Tom Udall’s opponent for the Senate seat in 2014.

One would think the Albuquerque Journal would feature Mr. Weh’s positions on issues so voters would have time to think about them, compare them to Tom Udall’s. That, however, would take some proactive behavior and one supposes they want the candidates to spend a lot of money to buy space in their paper. Tom Udall has lots of money and is trying to buy this election even though he says he is against money in politics. It takes money to get your position out and we have noticed that the Albuquerque Journal fixates on incumbents and doesn’t usually give even fair time to challengers.

Visitors to this website are encouraged to read for themselves what Allen Weh says he stands for.

Tom Udall says plenty about what he stands for but this website gives lots of reasons to be suspicious of what he says.

We were looking for Allen Weh’s position on State’s Rights, the Constitution, the developing Police State, the need for the Executive Branch to be curtailed in their overreach, the Federal Reserve banking cartel. We expect as the election gets started we will hear some things about these ideas.

Allen Weh offers a choice to voters and New Mexicans need a choice, and need to choose well.

Do you continue in a wagon held together with bailing wire and duct tape, or do you invest in a new sturdy pickup that will work hard for you, help you make a living, and get you to church?

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