Allen Weh Stands by His Controversial Web Video

 Posted:  October 2, 2014

The video included in the linked article below is an interview with Allen Weh who received some national attention with one of his web videos about the Middle East conflict.

The video was critical of Obama and Tom Udall who are more concerned with how things look from the air than on the ground.

As a military man, Allen Weh was bringing home points that the world is not a safe place.

Whether you believe in the U.S. being involved in the area or not, the ad made us all realize that war is not a pleasant thing and decisions need to be made.

Tom Udall votes to have the U.S. train “moderate” Syrian rebels to fight “non-moderate Syrian rebels”. Tom Udall, who made noise against the last bombing threats of Syria by Obama, has sat on the sidelines and said nothing this time. Tom Udall says Congress needs to be consulted if war is begun but war has already begun and he has not chirped one word of complaint.

This Website would rather see the U.S. deal with its open borders, deal with too many VISAS passed out, deal with a radicalization of Americans by radical Muslims already within the U.S.

This Website would rather do things we can do to protect our country here instead of taking the fight overseas.

This battle is not going away any time soon and the U.S. has drained resources and lost lives to no good end in the Middle East.

Developing our energy resources would be a good start to removing ourselves from this area of the world that doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

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