Allen Weh Weighs in on V.A. Scandal and Tom Udall’s Negligence

 Posted:  June 21, 2014

“Senator Tom Udall, in his sixth year as a U.S. Senator, is not newly advised of these problems (V.A.) regardless of what their PR spin says. He and his staff had to have known, in detail, the difficulties faced by many vets seeking health care. But it took a national exposure of a systemic tragedy to get them to at least appear fully engaged …”

“Americans have every right to demand accountability, not only from negligent senior staff, but also from elected officials, like Udall, who should have known about these problems and acted sooner …”

Having followed Tom Udall’s sayings and doings for a while it seems that the man running against him in this election year is being far too kind.

We believe Tom Udall knew about all these issues, said nothing, and didn’t make one call or write one e mail to check the veracity of the reports he was getting from vets who complained to his office. We believe Tom Udall is too busy trying to change climate, change the Constitution and change the way Washington works to tend to the everyday business of being a representative of the people.

This linked article confirms our belief that Tom Udall says a lot of things, but it is what he does and doesn’t do that should determine whether you choose to vote for him or not.

Full article here >>>.

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