Allen Weh’s New Radio Ad

 Posted:  August 31, 2014

Tom Udall has plenty of time for those who give him money, like his agenda, talk his talk, and vote for him. If you are an opponent, however, things are different.

We haven’t seen town halls with real live uninvited people in New Mexico for some time, where Tom Udall and Allen Weh have to think on their feet and answer unscripted questions.

We haven’t seen many appearances from Tom Udall in New Mexico except when he is bringing pork back from Washington and wants us to think that counts as economic development.

We have seen his letter to the IRS to investigate the Tea Party folks who don’t agree with his ideology.

We haven’t seen him but do see his staff coming to small towns to work with people that are having troubles with the Federal Government juggernaut.

We haven’t heard anything about live debates.

Allen Weh’s radio ad reminds us that Tom Udall is too busy to listen. He has more important things to do than answer questions about his New Mexico hurting votes or his reeling in half a million acres of New Mexico land for the Federal government, land that is being worked and sustaining New Mexican families, some of who have been there for generations.

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