Allen Weh’s Radio Interview With The Blaze

 Posted:  July 21, 2014

As the election nears, voters will be interested in the challenger to Tom Udall for the open New Mexico seat in the U.S. Senate. Every state has two Senators and the Senators are some of the most important players in U.S. politics. Every man or woman in this body has an equal vote and they can change the direction policies go that affect all New Mexicans and all the nation.

Senators serve for a period of six years and vote on hundreds of bills on all issues that face the country.

This interview gives a ten minute introduction to Allen Weh and focuses more on his personal background and history than political ideology and issue positions. Those can be found on his Website

Mr. Weh handles the interview well and it gives those who don’t know him some background about why he is running and what he hopes to accomplish.

One item discussed is his wide experience in business and the military he will take to Congress.

His interest in politics has developed in the last ten years and he feels a desire and duty to serve and move the country out of the economic difficulties we are now experiencing.

Full article here >>>.

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