America Does Have Challenges

 Posted:  July 15, 2014

Across the top menu bar on the home page is the heading Americas Challenges. If you hoover over or click on this heading you get a dropdown menu of videos and articles. These videos and articles explain the motivating principles behind

Some of the ideas presented will be known to you. Some of the ideas might be unusual and unknown. Rest assured, all information is on the net and easy to research should you wish additional information.

Here is a list of important videos that you can watch at your leisure in the American Challenges Experience. Educate yourself.

Things are happening in the world around us. These are ideas that mean something to

Titles of videos:

  • 20 Lies Every American Should Know
  • A Nation of Sheep (Judge Napolitano)
  • Agenda 21 for Dummies
  • Boiling Frogs (Bill Whittle)
  • Confiscation and Inflation
  • Conspiracy Theorists (George Carlin)
  • Don’t Tread on Me (Alex Jones)
  • DoubleThink
  • Fall of America (Doug Casey)
  • Global Warming (George Carlin)
  • How to Get Fired From Fox Business in 5 Minutes (Judge Napolitano)
  • Lying Politicians (George Carlin)
  • No One is Coming to Save You
  • Normalcy Bias
  • Reflections on the Loss of Liberty (Judge Napolitano)
  • Revolution is the Duty of the People (Judge Napolitano)
  • Tax Cuts For the Rich (Thomas Sowell)
  • The Duck Dinner
  • The Illusion of Choice
  • Whatever Happened to the Constitution
  • World Gone Mad (Bill Whittle)
  • You Make Plans: They Make Plans
  • Your Indoctrination
  • Problems with Elitism (Bill Whittle)
  • Paths to Success
  • Origins of Political Correctness (Bill Whittle)
  • New World Order
  • The Tea Cup
  • The Real 99%
  • The Rigged Game
  • What Are We Holding To
  • This is Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

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