Americans Should be Skeptical of Government Power

 Posted:  October 14, 2014

The video included in the linked article below is from an interview with the current FBI director and brings up memories of J. Edgar Hoover, files on Communists and Hollywood, black lists and our own FEMA camps.

Now, the new bad boys are those Tea Party types who believe in individualism and shrinking the power of government to control money, food, water, and power.

These days we have become all too complacent with twenty four hour news that doesn’t do much to help us decide which news is really more important and which is just filler.

When the FBI Director talks about surveillance, government intrusion, and Big Brother’s heavy handed escapades, we tend to listen a little harder.

When Chicken Little cried about the sky falling, we learned to ignore him. However, what we see now is a sky filled with drones, airports taking X-rays of citizens, police shootings, SWAT teams and armored vehicles in our back yards, and television commentators assuring us that Ebola is not likely to do what viruses often do – spread and get out of control.

Americans should not only be skeptical about government power; they should fight it at every opportunity.

One of the best ways to hold your own is to vote out career politicians who vote for big government, want big government, worship big government, and support big government.

Start this election by not voting for Tom Udall.

A vote is an action – make your vote count for something this time around.

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