And You Are Worried About the Koch Brothers and Big Business?

 Posted:  September 5, 2014

Looks like campaign finance needs to go in a different direction.

Tom Udall has a lot of nerve.

When you look at this list (linked below) of all-time donors to the political process you see that the majority of money is going to his party and his trumpeted reform of campaign finance is mostly aimed at shutting out big business and private enterprise from having their say.

This list from Open Secrets reveals Tom Udall’s money tree, and it is not a picture of a private sector, small business, working man hero.

His money comes from public unions, Wall Street, private sector unions, Act Blue (an Internet fundraising machine that doesn’t have to declare where their money comes form because it comes from small donations by thousands of people out there in the cyberspace).

If Tom Udall really wants to reform money in politics he should quit his year round, all over the place fundraising activities that keeps him in office and keeps challengers from even getting their word out.

The Koch Brothers are small time. George Soros and Tom Streyer are small time.

The public sector and Wall Street are the real villains supported the big government boys who create their jobs, raise their salaries, negotiate their fancy pensions and benefit packages, and contribute money to their re-election campaigns.

Campaign finance reform begins at home Tom Udall.

You should lead the way and start with your own house cleaning before you seek to rake someone else’s leaves.

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