Another Constitutional Amendment? What For? Why Tom Udall?

 Posted:  June 4, 2014

Tom Udall is introducing a Constitutional Amendment to allow Congress and the states to set limits and regulate campaign finance donations.

You might think that money is the root of the problems in politics and think this is a good idea. You might think that politicians can police themselves and make good decisions about who can give money and who can’t. You might think that amending the Constitution is an easy thing to do. You might think that Tom Udall, a career politician from a political dynasty, is a pure white crusader on a white horse.

You can think all these things but Tom Udall’s action boils down to these things:

  1. He is looking for an issue to run on against the Republicans.
  2. Because his Senate seat is considered safe he was chosen by Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to introduce it.
  3. It has no support in the Senate to be passed ,and absolutely no support in the House.
  4. Republicans will vote against it because it is unconstitutional and takes away your right and my right to contribute to whomever we wish.
  5. It will be used as the only campaign issue available to Tom Udall because he can’t run on ObamaCare, the economy, or foreign policy wins by his President.

I know people are mad that corporations can donate money to politicians of their choice. We are mad that Tom Udall, on most of his votes, takes money from lobbyists that want a “yes” vote and a “no” vote from him. He doesn’t give any money back. He keeps it to run well financed campaigns against challengers who have their own hoops to jump through, all engineered by incumbents.

Why are you so charged up to deny business a chance to participate when business creates the money that provides jobs and keeps the economy moving. Oh, I forgot, the economy isn’t moving. I guess everyone could work for the government. But, that sounds like Communism and it didn’t work well in Russia.

What we really wish is that Tom Udall would introduce a Balance the Budget amendment to the Constitution, or an amendment for term limits for citizens. Now those would also improve Washington D.C. and get rid of corruption in high places.

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