Another Symbolic Education Idea From Obama/Udall

 Posted:  July 11, 2014

You would think that teachers would be upset. Teachers and their Unions supported the last big expedition of big government into schools and communities all over the country. They bought into No Child Left Behind that was declared harmful to kids by Tom Udall after he worked hard and voted for its implementation. No Child Left Behind proved to be costly, intrusive, and didn’t raise test scores which seems to be the only thing people think means their children are learning.

Teachers have been cajoled by the current administration to buying into Common Cause which is not common cause but a progressive infiltration of education by none other than Bill Gates who wants to change the world, but especially wants to change the way your child thinks about individualism, America, and his or her role in it.

This article in the Albuquerque Journal details a new initiative by the Obama clan. Not caring that education is primarily and Constitutionally a local matter the Executive Branch of our government is launching a new direction and forcing states to submit paperwork about their plans to transfer good teachers from good schools to bad schools. Every child deserves an outstanding teacher.

If I were a teacher I would immediately have some questions:

  1. Is the quality of the teacher the only thing that contributes to disadvantaged students not learning well?

  2. As a certified teacher, do I feel my best skills are used with students that have the basic skills that are a prerequisite to learning?

  3. Do I want a government official to decide where I teach, or should I have a say in it?

  4. Why would one think that the government can do anything effective with education now since they have not done anything effective in the past?

  5. As a teacher will I have to take Special Ed courses to teach the new classes I am assigned to?

  6. What if the new assignment is in an inner city school and I am afraid for my safety?

  7. There are not all outstanding teachers just like their aren’t all outstanding Doctors or any other profession. Can’t students learn from just average teachers?

  8. Who determines what a good teacher is?

  9. How is the Federal government going to manage all this when they can’t do a website, run the V.A. or implement ObamaCare?

  10. When did the President get the idea he can snap his fingers and everyone in America needs to listen up and get in marching line?

With an election near, this is just another symbolic motion by the politicians. It is a lot like the symbolic War in Iraq and Afghanistan, the symbolic No Child Left Behind, the symbolic Minimum Wage talk, the symbolic Affordable Care Act, the symbolic Budget Deal of 2014.

None of it is ever intended to work and was not written to actually accomplish anything. It is just another in a chain of symbolic gestures by symbolic leaders pursuing personal agendas and living high on taxpayer dollars.

Full article here >>>.

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