Another Tom Udall Land Grab in Taos New Mexico

 Posted:  July 17, 2014

The linked articles below discuss the land grab of the area known as Taos Plateau. This happened before the recent Organ Mountains land grab and is indicative that Tom Udall will not be stopping any time soon taking New Mexico land and giving it to the Federal government under the guise of conservation and protecting the environment. No matter that New Mexico is quite capable of protecting the land itself. No matter that valuable resources are taken away that could support an impoverished state. No matter that you lose assets so people can visit the area as tourists.

The first article explains it succinctly:

“President Obama (Tom Udall) used the monument act to grab the area known as the Taos Plateau, even though the area lacked properties that would qualify it for a national monument. That area of the state has enormous underground resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, resources that could be providing enormous benefits to both the state and residents of the area. Rather than create jobs that would benefit the state, the land now belongs to the government.”

Linked are some photos of the area and there is nothing that distinguishes it from the oil producing, energy producing areas in the rest of the state.

At what point do residents of New Mexico decide that Tom Udall has gone too far, that he works for the Federal government and environmentalists who would shut down all energy everywhere?

We suppose that New Mexico will eventually be all owned by the federal government in one form or another.

Development of resources can be done with care. Does New Mexico have to give up all its resources so conservationists in other states can feel good about themselves?

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