Another Unqualified Person in the White House: Whoopee!

 Posted:  October 17, 2014

We have just learned that the new “Ebola Czar” has infected the White House. Her name is Linda Monaco and she comes to the White House from Eric Holder’s Un-Justice Department to take over and co-ordinate the U.S. government’s grappling with the Ebola event.

She has no medical experience and has been acting as a Homeland Security Adviser.

This is, of course, par for the course.

We have looked at position after position in the Obama administration and all of them have had questionable abilities, questionable allegiances, and questionable loyalty to the Obama/Udall ideology.

Wouldn’t you think there would be some mind in this country that knows about his or her subject matter enough to do a better job than a paper pusher, rubber stamp, Obama devotee?

Heaven help us.

No one else will, or can.

Full article here >>>.

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