Are We Hardwired For Us Versus Them in Politics?

 Posted:  October 2, 2014

In the course of this lengthy article linked below, several questions are being tested scientifically:

  1. Are some people wired to be blue and some red?

  2. If you belong to either group, how does that make you filter incoming information?

  3. Is creating two political parties a natural or unnatural occurrence?

  4. Do people actually change their political views?

  5. To compromise you have to understand the other side. You think you are a compromiser, but are you?

The article also gives an interesting rebel test where you can see where you might fit as a compromiser. People tend to think they can compromise but it is not exactly easy to do, which is why politicians are not only two faced, but talk out of all sides of their mouths.

Compromise is a dirty word to them too but it is of utmost importance to them to give the illusion that you are trying, even if you are not.

Expecting compromise on some issues is easier than others. Perhaps those we elect can prioritize those areas they can get something done and just leave the rest alone.

Starting with balancing the national budget would be a step in the right direction. Who can say that that is not an issue worth addressing?

What happens with those of us who don’t fit snugly into either red camp or blue camp?

I guess they put us in FEMA camps and give us rolls of toilet paper to write long and unravelling novels from the underground?

Full article here >>>.

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