Aspen Institute Pays Big for Tom Udall

 Posted:  July 5, 2014

“Tom Udall has received more travel funds from PRIVATE organizations, than other currently serving Senators. Over the past 14 years, Udall has traveled to Italy, Switzerland, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Finland, China, all on Aspen Institute’s dime …”

So, we checked the Aspen Institute and find it is called a “globalist organization”.

We checked globalist organizations and find that they are very much concerned with wrapping the U.S. up into a global system of money, government, laws and regulations that go against U.S. sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution.

Knowing Tom Udall’s love for the United Nations, World Wide Environmental Treaties, Law of the Sea Treaty and more, we have to ask the question:

Who does Tom Udall Represent? Does he represent you or the private organizations that fly him around the world move than any other Congressman?”

The Aspen Institute, by the way, is located in Washington D.C. – convenient for Tom Udall who rarely sets foot in New Mexico. We expect his fundraisers in Washington D.C. are well attended by influential and wealthy businessmen and government leaders from all over the world.

We all like Aspens, but we aren’t so sure about the Aspen Institute and it’s influence on the man who is supposed to represent New Mexico.

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