At Least 63,000 New Mexicans Lose Health Insurance

 Posted:  June 1, 2014

As this article states, ObamaCare has not been kind to New Mexicans. Despite promises and pledges to protect what people had for their healthcare, promises made have not been kept.

“I’m tired of it,” a disgruntled man said. “Obama (and Tom Udall who supported the bill) flat out lied to us about it. He was ardent about there not being any changes when he introduced the Affordable Care Act.”

63,000 New Mexicans, at the writing of this article lost their individual health care plans. Others, who kept their plans, face higher deductibles and higher expense to themselves. Keeping their Doctors is another iffy situation.

Because of the delays in the law made to protect lawmakers facing elections, it is hard to estimate how many will lose their employer based health care plans as more businesses drop coverage for their employees and let the government take over.

“Lots of New Mexico will get subsidized coverage,” a source from the article said.

Hold on to your bandages. You are going to need them before this is all over.

Full article here >>>.

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