ATM Fee’s and Tom Udall: Why Must ATM Fees be Fair at All?

 Posted:  June 8, 2014

It seems that small things sometimes tell a bigger story than big things.

In the last year we have had fights over ObamaCare, fights over Bengazi and Fast and Furious, fights over the V.A. and the Taliban Trade. There have been big time events happening in the Ukraine and around the world. Still, Tom Udall finds something wrong with ATM fees and wants to make them “fair”.

Most people we know use ATMs a lot. Most of the time there are no fees. If there is a fee for using a strange ATM or an ATM in an area that can get away with charging a lot, you pay the fee for the convenience. Lots of us did without ATM’s for most of our lives so there is no problem to write a check, use a credit card, go to a bank and get money. Some of us older citizens don’t actually expect things to be free anyway. You can always vote with your feet. If you don’t like the fees you can change banks or change ATMs. Nothing complicated about that.

What Tom Udall is really saying is that banks are getting rich and ripping you off and I am going to protect you so vote for me.

This is funny because if you look at the other side of the coin, banks are being impacted by legislation that Congress has passed concerning how they do their business. In other words, Tom Udall passes laws and doesn’t consider the consequences.

Banks are still business and it is not the job of business to be fair.

Ask Tom Udall about the almost free loans of money the Federal Reserve makes to your bank so they can loan their free money out to you for four or five percent. Now that is a ripoff. Ask Tom Udall why he supports giving billions to big banks for no interest so they can put it in the stock market and get rich. Why should they loan to you when they can make more in the market.

Tom Udall wants you to watch the pea, and, while you are watching, he is taking your wallet and giving your money to his Wall Street cronies. Check his campaign finances and see how much he gets from banks and Wall Street.

ATM fees might be too high but that is not really a good problem for a Congressman to be working on since there are many more severe problems to deal with.

Putting the Glass Stegal Act in place would be a really good start to solving our problems with big banks and Wall Street. Auditing the Federal Reserve at the least and eliminating it at the best would be another good step.

When you aren’t working on big problems you have time to work on ATMs.

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