Catholic Church Priorities

 Posted:  August 23, 2014

It is sad that the allegations keep coming about child abuse in the Catholic Church and even sadder that the church is taking a stand against Susana Martinez wanting to make people receiving food stamps in New Mexico work for them.

It appears that the church likes to use distraction as a way of taking people’s attention away from real issues.

The Catholic Church in New Mexico has plenty of skeletons in its own closet without joining the Pope Francis/Obama Redistribution of Wealth Scam.

Perhaps the church should dip into their vast Vatican Reserves of money, real estate, gold, stocks and bonds and set up some soup kitchens and job placement services for their parishioners?

Perhaps they shouldn’t be actively involved in violating U.S. Immigration Laws and bringing more illegals into New Mexico to stress out schools, hospitals, social service agencies, and law enforcement officers?

What exactly are the priorities of the Catholic Church? Religion or politics?

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