CBS News Hides the Real News Daily

 Posted:  October 11, 2014

There is no doubt that the major news channels on both national and local levels refuse to publicize the troubles of Obama, the Democrats, and the election coming up. In fact, the stations go out of their way to hide the true news, even when it is their own news.

CBS did a poll about the Democrats and Republicans and found that Democrats are in trouble across the country with most voters. They score badly on issues ranging from the economy to ISIS to terrorism.

So, if you are watching the big channels and getting your news from them, you better not stay home because you think Tom Udall already has this one in the bag. Go vote against him to say you are mad as hell and you aren’t going to take it anymore.

We agree that New Mexico is way behind most of the rest of the country in a lot of areas but voters here still have a chance to go and protest the way things have gone the last six years, the last ten years, the last fifty years.

You can believe the feel good entertainment on the television networks but in the streets people are hurting. They are out of work, they are hungry, they are looking at the future and not liking what they see.

Tom Udall doesn’t talk about the future. He talks only about the past – holding to government jobs, holding on to government benefits for all paid for by the working few. He holds on to the big government mentality of Roosevelt and Ted Kennedy, the subjugation of the U.S,. to the League of Nations, the continued pillaging of the countries assets by the Federal Reserve.

CBS hides the news and so does Tom Udall. He has voted for all kinds of bills that spit in the face of his campaign rhetoric.

Don’t be surprised. We aren’t.

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