Chicago Black Activists Talk Smack About the Democratic Party

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

Foe decades the Democrats have had a lock on the votes of black citizens. Yet, as the linked video states, those citizens are still locked in cycles of joblessness, poverty, teen pregnancy, drugs, crime, and instability.

You would think that after years of voting one way and seeing no results, the black community might rethink their positions.

What is encouraging is that people are starting to wake up and demand that the people they send to represent them actually do it.

There are huge efforts to suppress speech in this country and these Chicago activists have taken to the internet as a means of getting their unpopular message out to the folks.

Everyone can see whether something is working for them.

It takes tough minded people, however, to stand up and counter the official narrative composed by slick editors in big city newspapers and television newsrooms.

New Mexico has been run by the Democrat party for sixty years. Isn’t it time to give some other ideas a chance?

Full article here >>>.

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