Climate Change is NOT Settled Science

 Posted:  September 20, 2014

The linked article below should be required reading for Tom Udall. We recently watched a local television show where he was interviewed and boldly asserted “that the science is settled”.

Funny, but those words are always spoken by the POTUS.

Unfortunately, the linked article to this posting, talks about 1,000 International Climate Scientists who have different opinions about Climate change.

Before you think of Global Warming as settled science read this article and go to the Climate/Environment battleground issue section of this Website.

Before you accept what Tom Udall says, do a little more independent research.

When 1,000 scientists are saying something is not settled it means that all we really have, in this issue, are a bunch of theories chasing the facts.

It is way too early to change the lifestyles of billions of people on this planet just because someone tells you it has to be done.

Full article here >>>.

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