College Students and ISIS

 Posted:  October 10, 2014

The linked video features college students at Harvard being asked who is the biggest danger – ISIS or America?

How you answer the question will tell a lot about the kind of people you put in office.

If the most privileged students in the world, going to one of the more prestigious colleges in the world, are asking such questions and giving such answers, maybe we should just put our bombing strikes away for a moment and listen.

We have been dealing with the Middle East problems for fifty years at least. It never gets better, and it never moves in a positive direction.

Instead of more war, more bombings, more training rebels who will soon be fighting us anyway, maybe it would be better to tighten borders, tighten security, ask more questions of people who want to come here, keep better track of them when they are here, and get a better energy program in developing energy sources in the U.S. so we don’t have to be catering to Saudi Arabian sheiks who put women under a pedestal and persecute anyone who doesn’t look and act like them.

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